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Araha Park & Beach


About 600 meters straight beach in the Araha park.
The play equipment of the British sailing boat “Indian Oak” is placed (full size).
As it is maintained at an artificial beach, it also supports marine activities.
There is also rental equipment, so you can enjoy the sea casually.

Street address
2-21 in Chatan, Chatan-cho, Nakato-gun, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0116

098-926-2680(The Chatan-cho Public Facility Management Corporation Araha Beach Management Building)

9:00- (Depends on the season)

The term of swimming available
April to the end of October

Usage Fee

Activities you can experience
Dragon boat, U tube, marine jet, sea kayaking, glass boat, parasailing, barbecue etc.

Surveillance and Rescue station, shop, changing room, shower: adult 100 yen, changing room, locker 200 yen, vending machine, jellyfish prevention net

Rental equipment: Parasol 800 yen, deck chair 350 yen, summer bed 800 yen, floating ring (small) 400 yen, floating ring (large) 600 yen, etc.
Barbecue: Reservations must be made one week in advance (Contact: Araha Beach Store 098-936-9442)