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236-7 Kitamae-cho Kitamae, Nakato-gun, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0117
TEL on the day of arrival: 098-989-3673
From Naha Airport, go north on Route 58 for about 30 mins by car. Turn left at Kitamae intersection. And Turn left at the end of the road. The right corner of the first crossroads after crossing the river.

If you use a taxi

About 50 mins from Naha Airport, the fare is about 4,500 yen. About 40 mins from Naha city (near the prefectural office), the charge is about 4,000 yen.

If you use the route bus (access method from Naha Airport / Naha area)

From Naha City, take No. 20 (Nago Nishi Line), No. 28 (Yomitan Koshiba Line), and No. 29 (Yomitan Kina Line).From Naha Airport, take No.120 (Nago Nishi Airport Line) and get off at Kitamae. 4 mins on foot. The fee is about 700 yen from Naha.

How to access from Churaumi Aquarium・Nago area

From Churaumi Aquarium, use No.70 (Bise Line) and No.66 (Motobu Peninsula Line) to transfer to No. 120 (Nago Nishi Airport Line) at “Nagojo Entrance” and get off at Kitamae. 4 mins on foot.
If you use the No. 65 (Honbu Peninsula Line), change to the No.120 (Nago Nishi Airport Line) at “Nago Cross Road” and get off at Kitamae. 4 mins on foot. The fee is approximately 2500 yen.
※ It may not be the latest route, rate. Please check the details from the following each company.
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