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Group tour with five close friends. Family tour with 5 people for 3 generations. Luxury resort tour for a couple. The journey is determined by the hotel! Everybody can spend time in the same room.
OKINAWA GREEN LODGE is a trailer type resort house that can accommodate 2 to 5 people per room. The rooms are equipped with a mini-kitchen, cooking utensils, dishes, towels, etc., equipped with heating and air conditioning, and a washing machine on site. Of course, it is also suitable for long-term accommodation as well as short-term accommodation. Relax in the living room, have a BBQ party on the terrace, and enjoy starry sky observation.
The place, is Chatan town along the west coast of Okinawa main island, central part. A beautiful town with a sense of resort and there are many people living from abroad. Mihama American Village, a California-inspired area, is popular with locals and offers commercial facilities that can be enjoyed from morning to night. In that the seaside area, you can view the ocean where orange sunsets are set. There are convenience stores and restaurants nearby, and a 5-minute walk to Araha Park.
As well as the summer when you can enjoy swimming, in Okinawa’s warm climate, plenty of activities are substantial throughout a year. Stay in a trailer-type resort house that seems like the sets in reality shows and enjoy the extraordinary local life in the resort.
岩田 憲行


Business name Buminngu Burazazu Corporation
Head office address 1-3-1, Jitchaku, Urasoe, Okinawa
Corporate establishment April 2018
Business purpose 1.Management of hotels, ryokans and simple accommodation facilities based on the Ryokan Business Law
2.Real estate business